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Plant Ecology Laboratory

Research in our lab focuses on diversity patterns in biological communities, and on the interactions underlying these patterns. The main questions we address are: how do communities vary along natural gradients and gradients of human impact? What are the major assembly rules shaping communities; and are they attributable to biotic interactions or environmental heterogeneity? What are the roles of different biotic interactions - including competition, facilitation, herbivory and symbiosis - in structuring communities? Read more

News archive - January

Debate about the productivity and plant species richness

January 2016

Recent issue of „Science“ publishes  another debate about the relationship of productivity and plant species richness, which involves also researchers from our lab. A global dataset, which was published in Science in July, demonstrates that plant richness is biggest at intermediate productivity and decreases in high and low productivity. In the current issue, Treddnick et al. propose that using other methods to analyze this dataset, the relationship becomes weaker. Pither et al., including  Martin Zobel, Mari Moora and Kadri Koorem from our lab, therefore argue that the relationship as such still holds when analyzed differently and taht this is a highly important piece of evidence for this long-argued topic.

16th New Phytologist Workshop

January 2016

On January 24-27th, the teams of Plant Ecology and Macroecology organised a workshop on „Dark diversity of co-occurring arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and host plants„. The workshop had 14 participants, including eight international participants from seven countries and six local participants from the Department of Botany. The workshop included discussions and empirical data analyses on how the application of concepts of dark diversity and species pool would improve understanding the biodiversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal and ectomycorrhizal fungi and its relationships with diversity of host plants. The workshop was funded by New Phytologist Trust. See more at and in Twitter #16NPW.

Plant ecology lab welcomes new member

January 2016

A new research fellow Inga Hiiesalu has joined the Plant Ecology Lab. Inga finished her PhD studies at the Macroecology workgroup at UT and after her post-doctoral research at the Czech Academy of Sciences she returned to join the Plant Ecology Lab. She will be examining the diversity patterns of AM fungi and host plants along altitudinal gradients in the arid Himalayas.

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