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Plant Ecology Laboratory

Research in our lab focuses on diversity patterns in biological communities, and on the interactions underlying these patterns. The main questions we address are: how do communities vary along natural gradients and gradients of human impact? What are the major assembly rules shaping communities; and are they attributable to biotic interactions or environmental heterogeneity? What are the roles of different biotic interactions - including competition, facilitation, herbivory and symbiosis - in structuring communities? Read more

News archive - September

Conference on Community Ecology

September 2017

John Davison recently attended the 1st International Conference on Community Ecology in Budapest (28-29 September). There he gave a talk describing recent work our group has carried out investigating arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on islands worldwide.

Conference for network ecology and trophic interactions

September 2017

In September, Uppsala was the venue for two consecutive conferences, the 3rd Symposium on Ecological Networks and the 3rd Symposium on Molecular Analysis of Trophic Interactions. Our lab was represented by two members, senior researcher Maarja Öpik and her PhD student Siim-Kaarel Sepp, who presented a poster on his molecular analyses of AM fungal - plant interaction networks. Big thanks to the organisers, who managed to pull off a week-long event with topics ranging from hardcore theoretical ecology to identifying fish gut contents.

We welcome a new PhD student

September 2017

We are happy to announce that a new PhD student is joining our group. Daniela Leon Velandia studied and finished her Master thesis on microbiology in Colombia. Then, she decided to venture into plant mycorrhizal ecology in Estonia! She will work on the effect of land use in mycorrhizal trait composition of plant communities along large environmental gradients, under the supervision of Martin Zobel, Mari Mora and Guillermo Bueno. Welcome to Tartu!!

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