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PhD Claudia Paz

Post-doc researcher

I am interested in the processes that maintain the diversity and functioning of tropical rainforests, especially the plant and fungal communities and their interactions with soil. I have been involved in studies about forest regeneration on degraded lands in Brazil and Australia, soil organic carbon dynamics across the Amazon Basin and macrofungal communities in native and exotic tree plantation in the South of Brazil. I am currently investigating the ecological consequences of the loss of large herbivores for the diversity of plants and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil. As part of my research, I was in Tartu to learn more about molecular and statistical techniques to identify and analyse data from soil and root samples collected in a long-term experiment in Brazil under the supervision of Dr. Maarja Öpik. I am funded by FAPESP at Dr. Mauro Galetti’s lab in Brazil.

For further information and publications: Google ScholarResearchGate ad CV Lattes.