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employee Guillermo Bueno Tartu,, Estonia

PhD Guillermo Bueno

Associate Professor of Community Ecology
Guillermo Bueno

guillermo.bueno [at]

J. Liivi st. 2-605

I am interested in how biotic interactions (especially plant-animal, plant-plant and plant-fungi) can shape plant communities at different scales in relation to environmental gradients and global changes. I have been working in different environments with a strong prevalence of alpine and subarctic locations. My research involves many approaches aimed at understanding the ecological consequences of global changes, disturbances and their interactions. My work at the University of Tartu focuses on plant-fungi interactions and tries to understand their distribution at large spatial scales and their role along main environmental gradients and factors, including human impacts.

 Previous working locations include the Pyrenean Institute of Ecology in Spain, where I worked on the impact of wild boar disturbances on alpine protected grasslands, and the University of Alberta in Canada, where I worked on the combined effect of climate change and herbivory on tundra vegetation. Alongside my main research, I am involved in the creation and development of the Herbivory Network.

I am co-supervising doctoral students Yiming MengDaniela Leon Velandia and Maret Gerz.

For further info, see my profile and the list of my publications here