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employee John Davison Tartu,, Estonia

PhD John Davison

Associate professor of Plant Ecology, doctoral tutor
John.Davison [ at ]


J. Liivi st. 2- 608

My research has recently focused on the ways in which symbiotic interactions (plant-mycorrhizal) shape biodiversity, but I retain a wide interest in many ecological and evolutionary questions. My work often has a strong quantitative component and I aim to develop and apply analytical techniques that allow me to accurately test ecological hypotheses. I regularly make use of high-throughput sequencing, phylogenetic information and organism trait data in order to understand the structure of biological communities. In my role as doctoral tutor I provide consultation on study design and analysis to departmental and visiting PhD students. Selected publications are listed below; for my full publication list and CV please see the Estonian Research Portal.

Selected papers:

Davison J, Moora M, Semchenko M, Adenan S, Ahmed T, Akhmetzhanova A, Alatalo J, Al‐Quraishy S, et al. 2021. Temperature and pH define the realised niche space of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. New Phytologist

Davison J, García de León D, Zobel M, Moora M, Bueno CG, Barceló M, Gerz M, León D, et al. 2020. Plant functional groups associate with distinct arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities. New Phytologist  226: 1117-1128.

Davison J, Moora M, Öpik M, Ainsaar L, Ducousso M, Hiiesalu I, Jairus T, Johnson N, et al. 2018. Microbial island biogeography: isolation shapes the life history characteristics but not diversity of root-symbiotic fungal communities. ISME Journal 12: 2211−2224.

Davison J, Moora M, Öpik M, Adholeya A, Ainsaar L, Bâ A, Burla S, Diedhiou AG, et al. 2015. Global assessment of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus diversity reveals very low endemism. Science 349: 970-973.

Willerslev E, Davison J, Moora M, Zobel M, Coissac E, Edwards ME, Lorenzen ED, Vestergard M, et al. 2014. Fifty thousand years of Arctic vegetation and megafaunal diet. Nature 506: 47-51.