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employee Mari Lepik Tartu,, Estonia

PhD Mari Lepik

Specialist in Plant Ecology
Mari.Lepik [at]

With the help of global database, we are studying the patterns of plant species-specific mycorrhizal traits across plant communities (literature-based mycorrhizal type and status of plants). The aim of the study is to describe the mycorrhizal patterns of plant communities across time and space.  We are considering several global and local factors affecting plant community species frequencies,  especially the mycorrhizal aspect of it.

Selected publications

Lepik, M, Zobel, K. (2015). Is the positive relationshop between species richness and shoot morphological plasticity mediated by ramet density or is there a direct link? Oecologia, 178 (3), 876-873.

Semchenko, M., Lepik, M., Götzenberger, L., Zobel, K. (2012). Positive effect of shade on plant growth: amelioration of stress or active regulation of growth rate? Journal of Ecology, 100, 459-466.

Lepik, M., Liira, J., Zobel, K. (2005). High shoot plasticity favours plant coexistence in herbaceous vegetation.  Oecologia, 145 (3), 465-474.