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employee Tartu,, Estonia

Marina Semchenko

Associate professor of Plant Ecology

Marina.Semchenko [at]

J. Liivi st. 2- 613

The main focus of my research is on biotic interactions between plants. I am particularly interested in the role of root exudates and soil microbes in mediating plant-plant interactions and in establishing how the nature of plant responses to neighbours is affected by the evolutionary history of the species involved in the interaction. My research has included studies of individual plants from single species; multiple plant species, with the aim of explaining interspecific variation in various traits; and entire plant communities. I’m currently working towards incorporating an ecosystem perspective in my research.

I currently hold a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship at the University of Tartu (2020-2022).

Selected publications:

Semchenko, M., Nettan, S., Sepp, A., Zhang, Q. Y., Abakumova, M., Davison, J., Kalamees, R., Lepik, A., Püssa, K., Saar, S., Saarma, M., Thetloff, M. & Zobel, K. (2019) Soil biota and chemical interactions promote co-existence in co-evolved grassland communities. Journal of Ecology, 107, 2611-2622.

Semchenko, M., Leff, J. W., Lozano, Y. M., Saar, S., Davison, J., Wilkinson, A., Jackson, B. G., Pritchard, W. J., De Long, J. R., Oakley, S., Mason, K. E., Ostle, N. J., Baggs, E. M., Johnson, D., Fierer, N. & Bardgett, R. D. (2018) Fungal diversity regulates plant-soil feedbacks in temperate grassland. Science Advances, 4, eaau4578.

Semchenko, M., Saar, S. & Lepik, A. (2017) Intraspecific genetic diversity modulates plant-soil feedback and nutrient cycling. New Phytologist, 216, 90-98.

Semchenko, M., Saar, S. & Lepik, A. (2014) Plant root exudates mediate neighbour recognition and trigger complex behavioural changes. New Phytologist, 204, 631-637.